Bernhard Greve

The Greve collection

At Skredhaugen, you can see the private collection of artist Bernhard Greve and his wife Ingrid.

Bernhard Greve (1886-1962) was a versatile artist. In his youth, he studied painting under Harriet Backer and Henri Matisse. However, he gained most acclaim as a stained-glass artist.

Greve purchased Skredhaugen in 1918. In the following years, he moved a number of old buildings from various farms in the Sørfjord to Skredhaugen. He filled them with old furniture, tools, utility items and decorative items he collected in the district.

Bernhard Greve created a living art and cultural history museum, while Skredhaugen also served as a charming summer residence for the Greve family. This was where he came after long and arduous study trips across Europe, and where he found peace and inspiration for his art.


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