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Charming Skredhaugen

The artist Bernhard Greve purchased Skredhaugen in Lofthus in 1918. Together with his wife Ingrid Greve, he turned it into a beautiful museum cluster with idyllic old buildings and interesting rural interiors – all collected from Lofthus and villages along the Sørfjord.

The museum features the Seksestova building from the 17th century, the rich collection of books and photographs collected by Jon Bleie and an exhibition of Greve’s own work.


Sesongopning sundag 26. juni

Ope kvar sundag kl 12-17 i perioden 26. juni-8. august
Elles ved førespurnad utanom sommarsesong.

5781 Lofthus

Tlf: 474 79 884

E-post: post@hvm.museum.no
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Sundays June 26-August 8: Open 12 AM-5PM
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5781 Lofthus Tel: +47 474 79 884 E-mail: post@hvm.museum.no
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