Photographer Anders P. Wallevik

Unique photograph collection

The well-known photographer Anders Paulson Wallevik left a unique photograph collection. Some of his photographs are exhibited at Skredhaugen.

Anders Paulsson Wallevik (1874-1965) was the heir to a farm in Hardanger who became a photo pioneer and visual storyteller of national repute.
When he died, he left a photograph collection of between three and four thousand glass plates, mostly taken between 1905 and 1940.

Skredhaugen/Hardanger Folk Museum took over responsibility for this unique photograph collection in 1992. Since then, a great deal of work has been invested in securing the material, obtaining information about the photographs and digitalisation. This work now gives you the chance to see all the photographs in the collection at the Digital museum.

This popular exhibition at Skredhaugen provides a taster of Wallevik’s diverse photographic legacy.


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